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How To Remove Cydia From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Using Cydia Impactor

Remove Cydia from iOS 8.4 devices using Download Cydia Impactor

Download Remove Cydia tool: Cydia Developer Saurik has just released an amazing new package called Cydia Impactor that helps you Remove Cydia jailbreak for your idevice. The Cydia Remove tool removes and reverts every changes complete to the idevice & returns it to the stock Apple iOS firmware you are now on without updating your idevice to the newest available iOS 8.4 firmware. This means that all the iOS 8.4 jailbreak packages installed will be removed along with the jailbreak itself at the same time as remaining on the same iOS 8.4 version.

Cydia Impactor – Cydia Remove tool is presently supports iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 jailbreak devices. on the other hand, it will not work with Apple iPod Touch 6th gen. To realize how to remove iOS 8.4 jailbreak from your iPhones, iPads otherwise iPods Touch using Cydia Impactor, read the step’s guide underneath.

Download Cydia Impactor For Windows Remove Cydia iOS 8.0 To iOS 9.1 Safely

Download Cydia-Remover_0.9.14

Remove Cydia
How To Remove Cydia jailbreak

Cydia Remove compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s
  • iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2
  • iPad mini 1 (1st generation iPad mini), iPad mini 2 (Retina iPad mini), iPad mini 3
  • iPod touch 5th generation

For Remove Cydia Jailbreak Requirements

  • Only takes 5 – 10 minutes of your precious time for cydia Uninstall
  • A PC, running Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.6 minimum) or Linux (x86 / x86_64)
  • Installed Latest Cydia Impactor version if you are running Windows
  • Any iPhones, iPads otherwise iPods compatible with iOS 8.4 or higher.
  • USB cable needed to attach your device to computer

Important points before we proceed to iOS 8.4 Cydia Remove:

  • Download Cydia Impactor at this time supports iOS 8.3 & iOS 8.4 no more than and does not work with latest apple iPod Touch 6th.


  • Confirm to take a total backup of your Idevice via iTunes otherwise iCloud as Cydia Impactor removes every the obtainable data, applications with settings.
  • Do not break off Cydia Impactor while it is working & confirm that your idevice has sufficient battery to let the Cydia Remove iOS 8.4 process fully.
  • Cydia Impactor also requires a working internet connection.

How To Remove Cydia On Your iOS 8.4 jailbreak devices Step By Step

  1. First Launch iOS 8.4 Cydia.
  2. Then Download Cydia Impactorand install it.
  3. Once installed, you will discover a novel icon on the Home screen labeled Cydia Remove Impactor. Then click on it to open.
  4. Read each and every one the lessons on the screen & click on “delete all data and unjailbreak device”. Press Delete everyone to verify.
  5. Your iOS 8.4 device will reboot more than a few times throughout the iOS 8.4 Cydia Remove confirm not to interrupt it while it is completely working.

How to unjailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using Cydia Impactor

Just the once completed, you will be taken to the welcome screen where you will have to setup your iOS 8.4 device and make active it. You be able to also restore from your backup during the iOS 8.4 Cydia remove setup process. Your iOS 8.4 device will at this time be on the stock firmware’s without organism jailbroken.