SemiRestore 13
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SemiRestore 12.4, iOS 13 Lite released for iPhone XS, iPhone 6 Unjailbreak

The tool formerly known as SemiRestore 13 and then changed to Rollectra. And then changed once again to SemiRestore13 / Rollectra. Is now up, running, and available to download for those who are fortunate enough to be in possession of a jailbroken iPhone XS, iPhone 6 iPad, or iPod touch.

Remember, the Electra jailbreak app and Cydia will remain intact. Complete jailbreak removal will be possible once Coolstar releases the final version.

What is SemiRestore 13?

And that new tool is what we now have access to in the form of SemiRestore13. To remove any jailbreak confusion.

SemiRestore13 LTE Rollectra Unjailbreak For Electra iOS 13-12.4 Released

SemiRestore13 Download

The Developer @pwn2wnd had initially started talking about a tool called Rollectra. Which was essentially the same tool designed with the same functionality in mind.

SemiRestore 13
SemiRestore 13

SemiRestore13 Requirements

Also if you want to Remove The jailbreak but remain on a iOS 12.4 beta. So iOS 12.3 iOS 13 jailbreak version of firmware.

Then SemiRestore13 / Rollectra is the tool that you are after.

  • iPhone XS, iPhone 6, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Electra jailbreak
  • Cydia

How to install SemiRestore iOS 13 on iOS 12.4 Beta To iOS 12.3 Public.

The developer does not guarantee a successful unjailbreak. If you have a long-running love affair with the iOS 13 jailbreak community. Then you may be familiar with the Cydia Eraser tool released by Jay Freeman Saurik.